“Clean Energy Market in MENA: Finance, Mobility, Hydrogen, Energy Efficiency”, Keynote presentation at the CEBC-Enterprise Ireland event, 5 Oct 2021

Dr Nasser Saidi, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Clean Energy Business Council, gave a keynote address at the...
10 October, 2021

Events & Publications

"The 50 trillion dollar question: Closing the emerging markets’ capital gap", The Economist’s virtual event, 25 Nov 2020

Dr Nasser Saidi joined a panel discussion titled "The 50 trillion dollar question: Closing the Emerging Markets’ Capital Gap",...
29 November, 2020

Events & Publications

Panel discussion "Managing energy transition in the Middle East" at World Energy Week Live, 7 Oct 2020

The collapse in oil demand and prices due to Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on the resource-dominant countries of the...
29 October, 2020

Economic commentary

Weekly Insights 22 Sep 2020: Looking beyond Saudi inflation & oil exports

Charts of the Week: Saudi inflation numbers (consumer & wholesale prices) show the impact of the tripling of VAT For now, a...
22 September, 2020

Events & Publications

Role of Governments and Private Sector Players in accelerating Climate Finance in the Arab States, CEBC-UNDP webinar, 31 Aug 2020

Dr Nasser Saidi offered the introductory remarks during the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) - UNDP Regional Hub (based in...
2 September, 2020

Events & Publications

"The Economic Consequences of COVID-19 & Impact on Clean Energy", CEBC webinar, 6 May 2020

Dr Nasser Saidi's presentation titled "The Economic Consequences of COVID-19 & Impact on Clean Energy" was part of the Clean...
7 May, 2020

Events & Publications

Clean Energy Challenges & Prospects, Presentation at the CEBC 7th MENA Clean Energy Summit, 20 Nov 2019

The presentation titled "Clean Energy Challenges & Prospects" was given as the opening keynote address at the CEBC 7th MENA...
24 November, 2019

Events & Publications

Introductory remarks at CEBC’s "ESCO Market in MENA: Challenges vs Opportunities" event, 15 Sep 2019

Dr Nasser Saidi, in his role as the Chairman of the regional Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), provided the introductory...
18 September, 2019

Events & Publications

"Clean Energy in MENA: Industry & Workforce Readiness", CEBC report launch, 23 Apr 2019

The Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC) launched a survey-based report titled "Clean Energy in MENA: Industry & Workforce...
26 April, 2019

Events & Publications

The future of energy: innovation, technology and geopolitics, Panel discussion at Aspen Institute Italia, 3 Jul 2018

Dr Nasser Saidi participated as a panelist at the Aspen Institute Italia event titled "Il futuro dell’energia: innovazione,...
12 July, 2018

Events & Publications

Opening address at CEBC's Annual Event, 8 Dec 2015

The below speech was delivered as the opening address at the Clean Energy Business Council's annual event held in Dubai on 8th...
9 December, 2015