“Landscape of Low-Carbon Hydrogen Market: a MENA perspective”, Keynote address at the “Canada Advancing Clean Energy” event in Abu Dhabi, 19 Jan 2022

22 January, 2022
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Dr. Nasser Saidi, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Clean Energy Business Council (CEBC), gave an opening keynote titled “Landscape of Low-Carbon Hydrogen Market: a MENA perspective“, at the “Canada Advancing Clean Energy” event held in Abu Dhabi on the 19th of January 2022.

The presentation addresses the nascent state of the hydrogen market as well as exploring the current market for hydrogen projects in the Middle East & North Africa region before summing up with key takeaways (copied below):

  • Global Hydrogen market is still in its infancy: need to build the foundations of a sustainable market
  • Develop strategies & roadmaps on hydrogen’s role in energy systems
  • Hydrogen can become an important component of the energy transition and decarbonisation policies, accounting for 22% of final energy use by 2050
  • Hydrogen in MENA: 47 projects, total investment $55bn, 5.3 mn tons
  • GCC can become major producers and exporters of hydrogen helping to de-risk their fossil fuel assets
  • Renewable/Clean Energy producers should form an alliance/organisation to develop the industry and market

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