Our Services

Nasser Saidi & Associates offer their expertise in a wide range of topics including:

  • Economic advisory & consulting services to mncs, businesses, banks & financial Institutions and management consultancies
  • Advisory to government & public sector on economic & public policy matters
  • Central Bank Advisory Services: payment systems, monetary policy, regulation
  • Corporate Governance advisory & consulting
  • Energy & Renewable Energy
  • Asset restructuring & private equity services
  • Public speaking & thought leadership

All Services

Economic Consultancy & Advisory

We provide economic analysis and research in a range of areas, including banking & financial market development, public policy and practical applications of Big Data/ Machine Learning/ Blockchain among others. NS&A taps into a wide network of well-seasoned policy makers and experts in various fields, depending on client requirement. Since the company was set up, we have delivered economic advisory analysis & research on MENA region’s economies and sectors as well as confidential white papers, feasibility studies & strategy papers.

Corporate Governance Advisory

Corporate Governance is the key to better decision making processes, helps companies operate more efficiently, with better transparency and disclosure practices.SAIBs board meeting In the post-financial crises era, it is imperative to practice good corporate governance & we are here to help.

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an integral part of our business. We have participated in and presented at multiple public conferences to closed-door discussions, on topics ranging from regional economic outlook to FinTech. We also engage in presentations to boards and regional advisory groups.