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"Lebanon: a multi-pronged tragedy with unforeseeable consequences", CJBS Perspectives Interview with Dr. Jenny Chu, Sep 2020

How has the Beirut explosion disaster been exacerbated by the global pandemic, economic crisis and the failures in government...
13 September, 2020

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Lebanon at a Turning Point, Article in Al Arabiya, 23 Jan 2020

The article titled “Lebanon at a Turning Point” appeared in Al Arabiya on 23rd January, 2020 and is posted below Click here...
24 January, 2020

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Interview with CNN's Richard Quest on Lebanon's path forward amid the crisis, 8 Jan 2020

Dr Nasser Saidi was interviewed by CNN International's Richard Quest on 8th Jan, 2020 to provide his insights on Lebanon's path...
11 January, 2020

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Interview on CNN’s Quest Means Business on Lebanon’s anti-government protests, 1 Nov 2019

Dr Nasser Saidi was on CNN International's Quest Means Business programme on the 1st of Nov 2019 to provide his views on...
2 November, 2019

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Comments on the protests in Lebanon & closure of banks in Asia Times, 25 Oct 2019

Dr Nasser Saidi’s comments on the Lebanese protests and closure of banks appeared in the article “Lebanon’s shuttered banks...
26 October, 2019

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Radio interview with Dubai Eye's Business Breakfast on Lebanon's economy, 23 Oct 2019

Dr Nasser Saidi spoke with Dubai Eye's Business Breakfast team on the ongoing protests in Lebanon Some comments are listed...
24 October, 2019