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Comments on the Expo 2020 in Arab News, Sep 29 2021

Dr Nasser Saidi's comments appeared in an Arab News article titled "How investment in Expo 2020 will pay off for UAE economy,...
30 September, 2021

TV & Radio

Interview with Al Arabiya (Arabic) on UAE’s new projects & Expo2020 Dubai, 5 Sep 2021

In this interview with Al Arabiya, Dr Nasser Saidi discusses the UAE's rollout of 50 initiatives to boost economic...
6 September, 2021

TV & Radio

Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East Interview, 22 Apr 2019

In the 22nd Apr, 2019 edition of Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East, Dr Nasser Saidi speaks to Yousef Gamal El-Din about Oman's...
23 April, 2019