Media Comments & Quotes

"What Are the Top Three Priorities for Lebanon's New Government in the Coming Weeks?", Comment in Inquiring Minds, Diwan (Middle East Insights from Carnegie), 30 Jan 2020

Dr Nasser Saidi was asked to provide his responses to the question "What Are the Top Three Priorities for Lebanon's New...
31 January, 2020

TV & Radio

Podcast on Lebanon with The National, 23 Jan 2020

In this episode of Beyond the Headlines, The National's Willy Lowry reported from the tear gas-filled streets of Beirut He spoke...
24 January, 2020

TV & Radio

Bloomberg Daybreak Middle East Interview, 27 Oct 2019

In the October 27th, 2019 edition of Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East, Dr Nasser Saidi speaks about the "phase one" US-China...
29 October, 2019