“Lebanon’s Meltdown: Failed State or Reforms & Transformation?”, Presentation to the American University of Beirut OSB, 18 Nov 2021

19 November, 2021
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On 18th Nov 2021, Dr. Nasser Saidi gave a presentation titled “Lebanon’s Meltdown: Failed State or Reforms & Transformation?” during a webinar organised by the American University of Beirut’s Suliman S. Olayan School of Business.

A quick summary of the talk: Lebanon is experiencing historically unprecedented multiple crises: political, economic, banking & financial, debt, currency, environmental and health crises. The talk will discuss the underlying drivers of the crises; a multi-faceted failure of governance; economic, monetary, fiscal and financial mismanagement, and corruption. Lebanon has become a failed state. Will it be possible to rescue Lebanon, undertake the necessary deep reforms and transformation?

Watch the presentation below:

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