“Regionalised Globalisation & Building Markets to Overcome Disruptions”: Presentation at the DIFC’s “The Pursuit of Alpha” event, 21 Feb 2024

25 February, 2024
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Dr. Nasser Saidi’s joined as a keynote speaker presenting onRegionalised Globalisation & Building Markets to Overcome Disruptions at the DIFC’s “The Pursuit of Alpha” event held on 21st of February 2024.

Dr. Nasser Saidi’s insights at “The Pursuit of Alpha” event revealed a tectonic shift towards Asia, underlining the significance of strategic partnerships in expanding energy, trade, and investment ties.

Global opportunities abound as ‘Gulf Falcons’ (UAE and KSA) navigate the landscape of global fragmentation and ‘China decoupling,’ with initiatives like the GCC-China FTA and the India-Middle East-Europe Economic Corridor paving the way for a transformative geo-economic/geopolitical shift.

Commending the GCC Falcons, Dr. Saidi highlighted their transition to Economic Diversification 2.0, promising reduced volatility, sustainable growth, and enhanced regional integration. Furthermore, the role of Gulf Falcons in driving regional structural transformation was emphasized, encompassing fiannce, energy transition, climate change mitigation, privatisation, digitalisation, and effective wealth management.

In summary, Dr. Saidi’s perspective underscores the need for strategic partnerships, economic diversification, peace building, and forward thinking policies to foster sustainable growth, stability, and prosperity amidst evolving global dynamics in the Gulf region.

Some snippets of the session are highlighted below:


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