Bloomberg Daybreak Middle East Interview, 29 Mar 2020

In the March 29th, 2020 edition of Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East, Dr. Nasser Saidi speaks to Yousef Gamal el-din and Manus Cranny on why Covid19 will rampage through the US, deep recession ahead, weak US dollar, vulnerability of some emerging markets with high debt and Central Bank responses.

Comments from the interview were published in LA Times

“Emerging-market currencies, particularly those with high levels of debt and very low growth prospects, like South Africa, will be pressured, but also other countries like Taiwan and others that have seen large outflows. All of those currencies are going to be exposed, the Aussie dollar as well.”

Watch the interview below.

The original link to the full episode (Dr. Nasser Saidi joins from 03:06):

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