Comments on UAE’s industrial partnership with Egypt & Jordan, The National, 2 Jun 2022

3 June, 2022
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Dr. Nasser Saidi’s comments (posted below) on UAE’s industrial partnership with Egypt & Jordan appeared in the article titled “How the UAE, Egypt and Jordan industrial partnership will lift vital sectors” on The National dated 2nd June 2022.


“Not only would such investments increase value-add and productivity, it will also help these nations to integrate into the global supply chain — resulting in better trade prospects with an increase in exports, reduced costs and maximising firms’ profits,” Nasser Saidi, founder and president of Nasser Saidi & Associates, said.

“Furthermore, being a capital exporter, the UAE can deploy capital and existing technical know-how in the lower-wage cost nations, thereby supporting job creation (and reducing migration), which is imperative for post-Covid recovery.”

“The industrial partnership also underscores the need for improved food security in the future: given climate change, and potential water wars in the future, it would be a win-win for all three nations to support the development of agriculture and food production, especially by tapping technological advancements such as AgriTech and vertical farming,” Mr Saidi said.


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