Comments on the UAE’s new regulations, The National, 16 Jan 2022

16 January, 2022
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Aathira Prasad’s comments (posted below) on the UAE’s latest regulations governing labour relations to patent registrations appeared in the article titled “New UAE regulations will support non-oil economy and boost FDI, analysts say” on The National dated 16th January 2022.

The latest regulations are “a step in the right direction”, according to Aathira Prasad, director of macroeconomics at consultancy Nasser Saidi & Associates, said.

“It is imperative that the ‘soft infrastructure’ of laws and regulations should complement the ‘hard infrastructure’ in the UAE,” she said.

“The latest approval of the labour relations and industrial property rights laws, by providing greater clarity on the regulatory side, will offer investors greater confidence and help attract more FDI into strategic projects. It will further ease of doing business as well as strengthen and support the non-oil economy in the UAE.”


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