“Prospects for the Hydrogen Market: a MENA Perspective”, Keynote presentation at the Danish PtX Event, 5 Oct 2021

Dr. Nasser Saidi, in his capacity as the Chairman of the Clean Energy Business Council, gave a keynote address at the Danish PtX Event held at the Etihad Museum in Dubai on the 5th of October 2021.

Titled “Prospects for the Hydrogen Market: a MENA Perspective“, the presentation touched upon the fact that:

(a) Addressing climate change will change geoeconomy & geopolitics

(b) Hydrogen market is in its infancy: need to nurture the bases of a well-defined market

(c) Addressing the nascent state of the hydrogen market; Imperative that key players collaborate to set, define & implement common standards

(d) Total investments in Green & Blue Hydrogen in the MENA region touches $55bn

(e) Hydrogen exporters should form a club similar to OPEC. How and why?

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