“Turning War Economies into Peace Economies: Lessons from Lebanon & Beyond”, Presentation at IFIT webinar, 24 Sep 2020




Dr. Nasser Saidi presented on the topic “Turning War Economies into Peace Economies: Lessons from Lebanon and Beyond(click title to download), at a webinar hosted by the Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) on 24th Sep 2020.

In conflict-affected states, achieving sustainable and inclusive growth depends in no small part on transforming the incentives and structures that underpin a wartime economy. The talk analysed key structural lessons from Lebanon and other countries in the wider region.

During the talk, Dr. Saidi touched upon Lebanon’s short history (1920-2020) in addition to laying out the economic consequences of conflicts and post-conflict reconstruction. Impact of population displacement and refugees as well as state capture by militias and allies formed valid discussion points. The talk was wrapped up by focusing on Lebanon, with respect to the structural reforms needed for economic-financial-fiscal-monetary-banking-financial stabilisation and reform.

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