Interview with CNBC on Lebanon’s negotiations with the IMF, 3 Jun 2020

Dr. Nasser Saidi was interviewed on CNBC’s “Capital Connection” by Hadley Gamble on the country’s negotiations with the IMF and the reforms required to rescue the economy.

Some comments highlighted below:

A former minister of economy and trade said it was not realistic to expect the [IMF loan negotiation] process to be completed so soon, noting that a number of laws need to be passed. “And parliament, in the middle of this crisis, is going into recess until October,” said Nasser Saidi, president of Nasser Saidi & Associates. “What you need is Lebanon to be in crisis mode. Both government and parliament need to be in crisis mode.”

Saidi told CNBC on Wednesday that he doesn’t think approval will be granted very quickly. “It will be a hard path to convince the IMF and the international community that Lebanon’s politicians and government are able to implement reform.”

Watch the CNBC interview here:

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