“Managing in an Increasingly Turbulent Geopolitical Climate”, Opening Keynote at the Corporate Counsel Middle East Forum, 18 Apr 2019

Dr. Nasser Saidi gave the opening keynote presentation titled “Managing in an Increasingly Turbulent Geopolitical Climate” at the Corporate Counsel Middle East Forum held in Dubai on 18th Apr 2019.

The presentation focused on the current global and regional geopolitical climate as well as the ongoing economic wars. In the regional backdrop, the presentation highlighted how the GCC have been undergoing a transition and transformation, also highlighting the ongoing structural reforms across multiple areas. Of interest for the corporate counsel was the recent changes in laws related to attracting FDI, opening up new sectors for foreign companies, changes to the legal, regulatory and financial infrastructure. It ended with a glimpse into expected changes  in the near to medium term: including taxation reform, corporate restructuring & insolvency as well as how digital laws and regulations were needed to support FinTech, e-commerce etc.

The presentation can be downloaded here.


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