Speaker at the Arab Strategy Forum, 12 Dec 2018

Dr. Nasser Saidi participated in the Arab Strategy Forum, held in Dubai on 12th December 2018.

Part of the panel session discussing the State of the Arab World Economy in 2019, Dr. Saidi spoke at length about the volatile prospects for oil market, impact of US-China economic war, and how the risks of a new global financial crisis in 2019-2020 are rising (thanks to global debt, high interest and low growth rates).

Below are some key quotes from the panel session:

“Arab countries should focus on digitization because it is the future of the world, infrastructure, and work to transform our economies into digital economies”

“The economic war between China and America – the two biggest engines of growth globally – goes beyond just trade & will negatively affect the world”

“Renewable Energy policies should be a priority: need to invest in it and export it abroad”

“The Arab region needs new trade & investment agreements to reflect the shift in trade partners- “pivot East & South”


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