"Geo-economics of a Fractured Landscape", Presentation at IISS Bahrain Bay Forum, 17 Sep 2017

20 September, 2017
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As part of the plenary session titled “Meeting the macro challenge: Domestic Reforms for sustainability” at the IISS Bahrain Bay Forum held on 17 Sep 2017, Dr. Nasser Saidi presented his views on the Geo-economics of a Fractured Landscape. A video of the panel session and discussions can be accessed here.
The presentation includes his take on the strategic and security imperative for domestic economic reforms in MENA as well as views on regional cooperation and reform sustainability including the suggestion to set up an Arab Bank for Reconstruction & Development or a “Marshall Plan” for the region.
Coverage of the event in Arab News:
“Dr. Nasser Saidi, founder and president of Nasser Saidi & Associates and former Lebanese economy minister, proposed a Marshall Plan and the establishment of a reconstruction and development bank to push regional reforms.
The need for a vibrant private sector that generates jobs is a key element for economic diversification. Youth unemployment should preoccupy MENA policymakers the most, said Saidi.
To meet the demand for new jobs and prevent unemployment from rising further, MENA needs at least a 7 percent growth rate. The current figure is not even half of that.”

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