The Evolving Role of Compliance in Saudi Arabia: video interview with Thomson Reuters, May 2017

Dr. Saidi speaks to Thomson Reuters on the journey of the evolving role of compliance in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in this short video.

In the past decade, significant international milestones impacted the financial services industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and elevated the role of compliance to a strategic function. From the US Patriot Act, Financial Crisis of 2008, political turmoil Era and the rise of terrorism risk in the world and most recent the KSA’s journey to step up to become a FATF member, resources and expertise in compliance are more in demand than ever. Compliance is no longer viewed as a secondary role, it has taken central stage in every single space and has become an integral element to the strategic decision-making process.

More coverage of Thomson Reuters 9th Annual Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Seminar is available here.



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