MasterCard Supports Hawkamah Institute to Promote Corporate Governance in the Region

24 April, 2007
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MasterCard to be Founding Sponsor of the Hawkamah Institute

MasterCard Worldwide, a leader in adva ncing global commerce, today announced its support for the Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance and said it will be a founding corporate sponsor of the Institute.
The Hawkamah Institute for Corporate Governance is an international association of corporate governance practitioners, regulators and institutions that aims to develop corporate governance best practices in the Middle East region. By promoting the core values of transparency, accountability, fairness, disclosure and responsibility, Hawkamah assists countries and companies in the region to develop and implement sound and globally integrated corporate governance frameworks.
Dr. Nasser Saidi, Executive Director of Hawkamah commented, “Hawkamah was set up as a public-private partnership with the strategic objective of encouraging corporate sector reform and better corporate governance practices in the UAE and the region.  The development and implementation of good corporate governance policies is crucial to efficient corporate investment and a core building block of sound financial markets.  We have made significant progress in raising awareness of the fundamental need for these policies in our first year of existence and look forward to enabling the implementation of corporate governance policies across the region. As a founding sponsor, MasterCard will join our corporate advisory group and provide strong support in the Hawkamah Institute’s activities to implement better corporate governance practices in the region and in the banking and financial sector particularly.”
Denzil Lawson, General Manager, Middle East & Levant, MasterCard Worldwide commented, “MasterCard is delighted to be a founding sponsor of the Hawkamah Institute.  We understand that results are best delivered locally and we will work closely with the Hawkamah Institute to share our experience and add value to the development of regional corporate governance practices.”
Mark Beer, Vice President, Sales and Corporate Services, South Asia, Middle East and Africa, MasterCard Worldwide said, “We are pleased to have established a close co-operation with Hawkamah.  Banking and financial institutions are two of the main drivers of the world’s economy and sound corporate governance is an integral pillar of ongoing economic development.  Through sharing best practices and practical experience of corporate governance principles, MasterCard Worldwide can play its role in enhancing the integrity of the payment systems that ultimately drive commerce globally.”

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